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one step forward

and probably a few steps back and it’ll happen rather often. But imagine repeating it, with persistence, diligence and care and your 100% every time and soon enough you’ll find that you’re taking a hell lot of steps forward, and fewer and fewer steps back until one day, you’re running flat out and the wind feels glorious in your hair.

I’m taking my one step today. My fitness has taken a drastic hit lately thanks to a DeQuervain tenosynovitis for my left hand which rules out all my martial arts. Add in a huge stirring of overwork and learning how to juggle it all, plus a dash of pure laziness and I find myself looking into the mirror and not liking the apathetic me I see.

So today I wore proper exercise clothes instead of just undies and a sports bra because if you want to do something, do it well. And I rolled out my mat, and I put on a kickboxing video and I almost survived until the end. And then I picked up where I last left off with blogilates‘ 30 days abs challenge. And you know what? I even allowed myself to omit the moves that I know are physically too much for me right now. 

So here I am, typing this on my iPad with a small, burning fire inside (the mini-me in my head is pumping her fist and going hell yeah!), and dripping sweat on the floor and damn it feels good. I’m also taking this opportunity to have a fresh go at my blog. The focus is going to be how I get my life back on track, on how I’ll develop sustainable, realistic routines that’ll see my goals naturally achieved. So I’m putting this out there, to keep myself accountable.

Cheer me on once in a while?


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This is a journey and I'm dragging you along for the ride. There might be combinis involved. Definitely a lot of writing. And martial arts.

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