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peace is what you make of it

There’s a few reasons why I’m a stationery addict – a period of deprivation in my younger days, learning too young how buyingbuyingbuying might make me (temporarily) happy, and just poor financial habits – but I’ll give credit where credit is due. Stationery, or rather planners, help give me a sense of control in my life.

In these days of emails and video conferences and multinationals, work no longer respects your personal boundaries. You might have been woken up at 3am by the ding of an incoming email, or your manager in another country forgetting you’re not in their timezone and in this constant attrition of intangible, relentless barrage against your peace of mind, you reach out for something to physically redraw these lost boundaries.

Today, I figured out a different approach to that potentially eternal question of ‘what is my planner peace’. And so far, I’m pretty happy with it. Let’s revisit a month down the road!



  1. Now that is a lot of options for planning! I like to write things down too, I have an ‘Ideas book’ to keep flexing my ideas muscle. And a diary, and a journal. I write in multiple places too, makes me feel a little schizophrenic but as long as the writing goes down and out of my head I think it makes everything so much better! 🙂 Happy planning!

    • Sometimes I feel a bit schizophrenic myself! And thank you for the well wish – hopefully I can streamline it a bit further 🙂

      • 🙂 do what works for you! Its called being hyper organised! Organising your organising! Lol!

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