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2015 in review

2015 summaries seem all the rage now so why not? I was genuinely surprised I had as many views as I did – this blog is still very new and exploratory for me. Should I dive deep rather than just continue to dabble my toes… Read More

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expectations ruineth a man

I expect things. Stuff. From people. From myself.  And most of the time I’m disappointed by the failure to meet them, of those around me who didn’t realise I was holding them to these set of expectations. I’m disappointed with myself as well. And then… Read More

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organised madness

Someone asked me to share how I use my Hobonichi as a planner, because you tend to see it used as a doodle journal or a diary so I thought, why not? But first, you need to understand where I’m coming from; I refuse to… Read More

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armed with a broken spoon…

…I attempt to dig my way out of a mess that’s part circumstance, and part me. A combination of factors got me here today, looking forward (not) to a weekend of speed-working my way through hundreds of emails while implementing a revised GTD with my… Read More

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be a time lord

Or at least, I’m trying to learn how to not let time rule me instead! Being a corporate rat for the last 11 years made me learn harsh lessons over and over again and that is; Planning your day/week/month/year is underrated. Don’t skip it, don’t… Read More

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peace is what you make of it

There’s a few reasons why I’m a stationery addict – a period of deprivation in my younger days, learning too young how buyingbuyingbuying might make me (temporarily) happy, and just poor financial habits – but I’ll give credit where credit is due. Stationery, or rather… Read More

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one step forward

and probably a few steps back and it’ll happen rather often. But imagine repeating it, with persistence, diligence and care and your 100% every time and soon enough you’ll find that you’re taking a hell lot of steps forward, and fewer and fewer steps back… Read More